Slot Machine (for free)

What is a person looking for in an online casino? Well, they sit in front of their computer and they are searching to play a slot machine for free. But we can also sum it all up in just two words: entertainment and big wins. But winning at online casinos is not something so immediate: like everything in life, you have first to learn at the beginning.

In short, it takes a little patience.

For this reason we have created this guide to understand how to win at online slot machine for free. To help you improve and not be at the mercy of the first casino that appears in front of you.

How to win at online slots

In our opinion, online slots are the perfect answer to every player’s needs. And we are not the only ones who think so, just look at how many types of slots there are online to understand that this type of game is incredibly successful. There are many players who try and rely on ‘virtual machines’ to test their luck. 

Online casinos compete to always offer new games and give their customers strong emotions and dream prizes. Playing slot machine is very simple: once you have chosen the slot you like, just decide the credit you want to bet on each spin and then press the ‘Spin’ button to start the reels.

The value of the credits to be wagered can be different. There are slots that have minimum bets of 25 cents as well as slots that require a few euros to get started. It is important to choose the slot that has the right cost for you, so that you can guarantee fun, a long playing time and the possibility of pocketing some prizes. Also know that there is the possibility to start playing for real money with only € 5 minimum deposit. In addition, there are a myriad of deposit and payment methods: check our dedicated page which you have available or open a dedicated account.

How Slots Are Made

Slots can have 3 or 5 reels and symbols are arranged on the reels that must be aligned to create winning combinations. As each slot is different, before you start playing, it can be very helpful to familiarize yourself with the symbols and combinations possible. To win online slots it is in fact necessary to know how it works.

This way you can understand when you have earned the right to be paid and when not. Many slots have symbols (called ‘Scatter’) with a particular value, which can trigger bonus games. In these bonus games you can win free spins and multipliers of your prizes. You can also be directed to a second screen where you may face trials to win some extra credit that will boost your account.

The progressive Jackpot

If you are on the hunt for millionaire prizes then head to the progressive jackpot slot machine. These jackpots start at a base amount which is usually hundreds of thousands of euros. Then they grow continuously until someone wins them.

But how do they grow relentlessly before your eyes? Growth is ensured thanks to a small percentage of money taken from individual bets made by players and put into the Jackpot prize. To be able to win a progressive jackpot, however, it is necessary to always play the maximum bet provided otherwise you will see the possibility of reaching the summit fade right under your eyes!

But don’t worry: you don’t need to spend an eye to start playing, quite the opposite. With no deposit casinos, you can sign up and even get free money from the casino to try out all the slots you want. Winning at online slot machine for free is not impossible !!! Take a look at the news section of our site and you will see real players with real wins. For example, the Mega Moolah slot has been dispensing millionaire winnings for years.

The queen of progressive slot machine: 💎STARBURST💎!

Slot machine are a game of luck, and perhaps for this reason they attract the attention of all kinds of players. You don’t need any particular skill or strategy to play, other than knowing exactly how the game works.

Choose the online slot machine for free you like best and make sure it has a payout percentage (or ‘RTP’-Return to Player) of at least 97%. Then enter your credits and spin the reels. But always try to maximize your budget by taking advantage of no deposit casinos, for example.

If that’s not enough for you, take a spin on the ‘mega spin’ type slots. You will see 3 to 9 small slot machine with 3 reels each appear on your screen. Insert your credits and you will see them all spin together but each independently. With so many machines and possible combinations to create, your chances of winning at online slots will skyrocket.

The terms of Slot Machine

Prepare yourself! Here is our motto. For those preparing to enter the world of online or offline slots, these terms will provide you with a good starting point in your lineup. Let’s start with the slot types and versions:

  • Base, direct or ‘flat-top’ slots
    They have a constant jackpot that does not change continuously based on how many plays are made on that machine.
  • Multiplier Slots:
    they pay for certain symbols on a degree scale. For example, in a 3-reel slot, playing a coin, you can win 5 coins if a cherry comes out; if you play two tokens you can win 10; if you have played 3 chips you will win 15. The payouts you can get if you have played only one chip are much lower than those obtainable by making the maximum bet.
  • Slots with multiplier bonuses:
    They offer higher jackpots if you play with the maximum number of coins. The symbols linked to the maximum jackpot will only pay out if you have made the maximum bet. To win large sums of money at online slots, this is an important fact to know. You understand well that finding yourself in the situation of having obtained the line of winning symbols and then discovering that you have not won anything because you have only bet one chip … it is not a good thing!
  • Slots with wild symbols (jokers) multipliers:
    many slots offer bonus credits ie payouts related to ‘scatter’ symbols and free spins. The situation is like the one described above: playing the maximum number of coins results in larger winnings.
  • Buy-your-Pay:
    Each token played activates a corresponding number of symbols to win. For example: if you play a token, you only activate payments with the cherry symbol. If you play two tokens, cherries and bars are activated. Could there be a worse feeling than when you line up the jackpot symbols and have only played one coin?
  • Doubling machines:
    They pay double or triple if you get certain combinations of symbols, for example two diamonds.
  • ‘custom’ slots:
    Online and traditional casinos offer their exclusively produced slots.
  • progressive Slot:
    they offer increasing jackpots that increase based on the amount of money played in a series of linked slots, even between different casinos. It is necessary to have a little more financial resources since all progressive slots have a higher maximum bet and two levels of jackpots: primary and secondary. When both jackpots are won, they restart from a minimum odd. To win, you need to make the maximum bet.
  • Multi-Line Bonus Slots:
    They are also called ‘themed machines’, ‘fun-content’, ‘participation games’ and ‘interactive slots’. The name “slot bonus” says it all: they basically give you a second chance to win some money. One is overwhelmed by the visual stimuli these slots offer. Often over 25 symbols fill the screen in front of you. There can be up to 50 pay lines. Many versions have 1, 5, 25 cent and 1 dollar tokens.
  • RTP:
    ‘Return to Player’. The percentage of the bet that in the long run is returned to the player in the form of a win. If you want more information on slot machine volatility, read our dedicated page.
  • RNG:
    A Random Number Generator is a chip placed inside traditional slots by the manufacturer or an algorithm encoded within the software in online slots. This chip randomly selects hundreds of numbers and symbols every split second, faster than you can pull the lever or hit the spin button. They also work when the machine is stopped.
    Each number corresponds to a combination of symbols that is randomly chosen after the chip is inserted or the credit is played. Only a few computer combinations match the highest jackpot. The chip is also created in such a way that it matches the average payout percentage of a given slot. So if you are looking for a foolproof strategy to win at online slots, you have no hope. No slot will pay out its payout percentage consistently, as the end result of a spin is randomly determined and is distributed over the long term.
  • Reels:
    Is the number of reels on which the symbols of the slot are placed: usually there are three but many slots also have 5
  • info on the slot machine (I):
    Are precisely information indicated on the slot, usually in the corners of the screen and marked by the capital letter I. If you click, a table appears explaining what type of slot it is, the value of the coins, the amount of prizes for each token played, etc.
  • Slot generose/slot “tirchie”:
    Some slot have symbols that pay a few coins. The more symbols that pay out a slot has, the more likely you are to win something. And so the slot is generous. The reverse is true for the ‘narrower’ slots.
  • Paid / withheld
    Paid is what the machine returns in terms of winnings. Withheld is what is not given to players. These two numbers determine the payout percentage of a slot.
  • Test the slot:
    Play only the budget that you have previously set, without replaying the winnings in order to determine the payout percentage of a slot.
  • Up / down cycle of a slot:
    The average payout percentage of a slot refers to a rather long period of time. So a slot with a 98% payout rate will pay 130% sometimes and 50% sometimes… .20% sometimes… 502% others !! The lower percentage indicates the “down” part of the cycle and the higher numbers, the “up” part.
  • ‘Raining sound’:
    Is the sweet sound of coins falling into the slot tray when you win. Obviously with traditional slots.
  • Club Cards / Gifts / Online Promotions:
    Register for these freebies and enjoy the benefits.
  • conversations:
    is all information exchanged between slot players. Switch casinos and slots to find which ones offer the highest payouts and learn more about the subject. For those who play online, the player forums are a very useful source of information.

How to win at online slot machine (for free)

Does everything seem more difficult after this long article? Don’t be afraid: we are here to help you. Check all the other pages of the site and you will notice that they contain a myriad of information you need to start playing with method and rationality. If you want to win at online slot machine for free, PLAY WITH CALM AND FOLLOW OUR ADVICE. Play only at licensed and certified online casinos. Do not be fooled by the casino with written in Italian but without a license!
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