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Whenever a player decides to engage in some online game, he should evaluate the ability of the digital gaming room that he has chosen to provide him with a good quality service. Bonus Casino are here to help you get the best from online gaming.

But what often draws players to an online casino the most are the attractive casino bonuses on offer. Online casinos offer these bonuses strategically in order to attract more and more players to their sites.

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If you are a novice player, you absolutely must know the importance of these offers and also what are the various promotions you can choose from. Understanding how casino bonuses work will certainly give you great benefits not only if you are a beginner, but also if you are a professional online casino player. There are many “pros” to online play and bonuses are certainly one of them.

If you are a regular player, you could even be the beneficiary of huge loyalty bonuses, and these bonuses will be additional free resources that you can use to play even more or to enter some online tournament.

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Casino bonuses are not just a publicity stunt, they are above all an opportunity to receive free money. Players can earn up to $100 or even $1000 and more thanks to the free bonuses, and this money will allow them to play longer or participate in progressive jackpot games.

However, certain wagering requirements defined by online casinos must be met before cashing out these bonuses. Some casinos may ask you to wager 10 times the bonus value before you can cash it out. That is why it is important that you do a thorough research on the internet before choosing which casino to play at. Compare the bonuses offered by the various sites, and then decide which casino to deposit at.


  • No deposit bonus
    The no deposit bonus, as the name suggests, is a bonus casino, usually not very high, offered without the obligation to deposit. Generally, to receive it you need to register as a new user and then after you have created your first account in the online casino. To withdraw it, you have to meet certain wagering requirements, which tend to be higher than the classic deposit bonuses. However, there are also no deposit bonuses that are offered to customers who are already registered or in subsequent installments.
    The best casinos therefore offer a sum of money that is immediately deposited into the account and allows you to play with free money. They are also often associated with FREE SPINS on certain types of slot machines which do not diminish the money available for other types of games. All available game types can be tried out and any winnings remain with the player.
  • Sign Up or Welcome Bonuses are sub-category of no deposit bonuses. They are obtained immediately by simply registering with the online casino and creating a real player account. One example is the 888 Casino Welcome Bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus
    The first deposit bonus is the most popular type of bonus casino and can be found at virtually any online casino. This bonus is offered to players as a token of gratitude for becoming a new member of the site. In essence, it involves increasing the amount of money that is deposited by a certain percentage (ranging from a minimum of 50% to over 100%). This allows you to increase the amount available in your betting account and therefore considerably increases the probability of winning.
  • Loyalty Bonus
    Loyalty bonuses on the other hand are given to regular customers already registered as a token of thanks for the extended preference they have granted to the casino. Usually a loyalty bonus will be deposited into the player’s account every month. But before you can receive a loyalty bonus, you will also need to meet the wagering requirements.
  • Special promotions
    Special promotions are bonuses offered for special occasions, such as birthday bonuses, or special events, such as tournaments with specific jackpots or prize pools linked, for example, to the use of a particular slot machine. Most often they are connected to the VIP Club of the casino itself. To be admitted to the VIP Club it is often not necessary to do anything, you will be enrolled at the time of registration and you can start accumulating points in various ways. In rarer cases, you will be admitted to the Club after meeting certain requirements.
  • Bonus slot machine (free spin)
    Adored by all fans of casino games, slot machine bonuses consist of so-called ‘free spins’ or a certain number of free spins offered to play the various slots available in the online casino or, increasingly, specific slots. This incentive is usually associated with a new online slot to promote it and make it known to the player audience.

Always remember that the value of the bonuses varies from one casino to another and also at different times of the year. Some casinos may offer you a bonus casino ranging from 50% to 100%, others may go up to 200%. Now, for example, I recommend Leovegas’ new first deposit bonus up to $1000 and 200 free spin.

Information regarding these requirements will be found in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the online casino website.

ATTENTION: keep in mind that you CANNOT withdraw the amounts paid out by the Casino as a Bonus unless you reach a certain value of wagered money. This “Wagering Requirement” varies from casino to casino but is usually around 30-35 times the bonus amount. In any case, each casino has the amount required to be wagered clearly visible in its player dashboard before being able to withdraw the money played with the bonus.

A sticky bonus is a bonus casino that cannot be cashed out. It can be said that these bonuses stick to the casino offering them, hence the name “sticky bonus”.

This bonus is not available in all the online casinos. A limited number of casinos offer the sticky bonus and they are aware of the positive effect they can have on the online gambling experience. So how do you get your hands on a sticky bonus? Like welcome bonuses, non-refundable bonuses are offered to a player when he makes his first deposit.

It can be used to make large bets, even if you have a limited amount of credit. In fact, it significantly raises the player’s available sum to make game bets. You can’t cash out, however everything you win belongs to you.

A sticky bonus has very specific restrictions. It is usually granted with a specific time limit and this means that it must be used before the time limit expires, or it is lost.

Don’t forget that you can always enjoy your winnings, even if the sticky bonus will remain the property of the casino.

But is it worth using a Sticky Bonus?

If you are wondering why a player should be interested in a bonus they cannot claim, the answer is that this bonus is generally more substantial than the deposit bonus granted by the casino.

It also allows the player to make higher bets. Everyone knows that low stakes correspond to low wins, while high stakes bring large wins. To better understand all the benefits and drawbacks that this bonus brings, it is important that you are aware of all the rules that online casinos impose for these bonuses, and it is absolutely essential that you understand how they work.

You don’t have to worry too much about this bonus casino, especially since online casinos offer a huge range of different promotions. From the moment you sign up, online casinos will offer you the best bonuses in the world of gambling.

Internet casinos have a variety of bonuses to offer, and you can always choose the one that suits you best.

If you want to win a lot of money thanks to the bonuses that are offered, you must also have a good betting strategy.

Don’t forget to find out about all the requirements of online casinos before you start betting.