Poker Bonus

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Poker Bonus are not an advantage offered exclusively to online casino players. Even the poker rooms that are on the web offer their customers a wide range of bonus that can often turn out to be even richer than those present in casinos. In fact their final value is often higher especially for what it concerns their cash value.

Generally online poker rooms prefer to make available to poker players what they call ‘bonus reload’ or ‘reload’ as the poker room earnings are linked to the number of hands the player plays, regardless of whether the player wins or Lose a particular hand.

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On the other hand, online poker sites also provide players with welcome bonus, reserved for all those who register on the poker site for the first time. Such bonuses, however, usually have a slightly lower value than those found in online casino video poker bonus with gaming software.

The rake

As we mentioned above, the profit of an online poker room comes from a small percentage (rake) that the site takes from each pot (a percentage that can be at most 5%). The calculations that must be made to evaluate the wagering requirements to be met in order to be able to collect a bonus depend on the commission that the poker room retains. Usually a player is required to play a certain number of hands before they can cash out the bonus.

The number of hands to be played is determined by the value of the bonus itself and usually represents a multiple of it. For example, a particular poker room may require its players to wager 15 times the bonus value on raked hands. So if you receive a bonus worth € 100 at an online poker room, you will have to play 1500 raked hands before you can cash out the bonus value.

Generally in a poker room the number of hands to be played in an hour varies from 80 to 100. This is to give an idea of ​​how much you have to play before you can collect the bonus received. Once the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus value can be cashed out along with any winnings obtained at the table.

Freeroll tournaments and poker bonus

Another form of bonus present in online poker rooms is that of freeroll tournaments. In this case the player is offered the opportunity to participate for free in a poker tournament and to keep the winnings won. Although freeroll tournaments are not called bonuses, if you think about it, they actually are. They allow you to enter a competition where you can win big prizes at no cost.

In freeroll tournaments with cash prizes, the player can participate and try to win the prize pool. If you manage to win money, this money can be considered a bonus as it cost nothing.

Many novice players, however, prefer to first experience classic online video poker. There you “fight” against a computer and not against real opponents in the flesh. Better master the technique before risking your money with experienced players!